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Birdhouse Projects movies

Tony Hawk's Kickflip McTwist

Here we have a movie of Tony Hawk performing a kickflip mctwist on a vert ramp, from two different camera shots. This is followed by a nice long series of tricks in the original sequence. These sequences may well be included in Birdhouse's next video.
(Birdhouse Projects)

Tony Hawk in a short series of tricks here: firstly, a large ollie to lipslide on a pretty gnarly obstacle, then two ollies on a miniramp, followed by the 540 ollie over a hip.
(Birdhouse Projects)

Tony Hawk rotors a quick 540 over the hip at a ramp he knows pretty well.
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Willie Santos pulls a super long nose blunt slide for the video.
(Birdhouse Projects)

Here Jeremy Klein does three big & burly tricks. The first two are a tail slide and then a nose-blunt slide on a whoop-de-doo bridge that looks much smaller in this video than it is. The second is a pretty much unbelievable double kicklip (first heelwards, then a kickflip in one ollie). This last trick's in slow motion so you should be able to see the whole dealy-wompus. May it vibrate your neurons.
(Birdhouse Projects)

Jeremy Klein, performing 3 tricks in rapid succession for your viewing enjoyment. For the curious, the first trick is a nice frontside nbs down a sloped bench, the second is a huge ollie over a dumpster (I kid you not), and the third is a cleanly executed ollie to nosegrind on a desk.
(Birdhouse Projects)