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Photos Around Santa Cruz

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This picture shows local santa cruz skater named Sky performing a nice kickflip down a flight of four stairs and over a trashcan. (I hear he's somewhere on the east coast now.) He rides away with both feet on the board, but does place one hand on the ground as he lands.
I like this pic, though, so I've put it up for you nice people. For a limited time only, a detailed jpeg (~105K).
Noah Rector, here at the cannery displays his feelings about frontside ollies over hips. The large, fine-grained JPEG version (60K) is pretty cool.
Jeff Hager here shows his familiarity with frontside ollies in this uncommon maneuver. Derby Park, as usual.
The big detailed JPEG version awaits (41K).
Just another normal day for santa cruz resident Errol Griffin. Errol dispels all rumors that he doesn't know Derby Park like the back of his hand in this frontside ollie in the Errol-style. Don't mess around.

As you might have noticed, this hip is generally the focus of skateboarding attention at derby. Derby is an imperfect park overall, but it thankfully yields to consistent pressure. Errol says, "Check out my funky jaypeg!" (~91K).

Here Reed Schmidt performs a super fast & smooth ollie to noseblunt slide on the upper hip at Derby Park, to the pleasure of all who appreciate such work. The astute reader will note that this photograph was taken from practically from the same location as the previous one.

Reed was able to consistently pull this trick time and time again. Check out our sweet big jpeg version (~37K).

Omar Hassan makes light work of this flawed transition in Santa Cruz's Derby Park. Check out our sweet 100dpi jpeg (~57K).
Santa Cruz legend Ron Whaley displays his multifaceted talents for all observers at the illustrious Derby Park Here he performs an pressure flip variant (as best as I could tell) in the bowl. Ron is cool, and a strong skater to boot. I'm sure he's as stoked about the big ol' jpeg version (~37K) as I am.
An unknown shredder executes a clean indy over the spine at Napa Skatepark. The folk at Napa enjoy a beautiful skatepark in metropolitan (sic) Napa.
Park Pros: 2/3 of it well designed of it. Really nice super-smooth concrete. Not too far from Seven 11. Friendly locals.
Park cons: Smells like dookies, thanks to neighboring sewage center or something. Ridiculous "donut" and "snakerun" (sic).
Click here to see a larger, more detailed jpeg (~90K).
Omar Hassan again, here this time performing a large ollie to axle stall at Back To The City II in 1993. Promar. What else can you say? Just download the Bitchin' JPEG (~48K).