Photos Around Santa Cruz...

Photos Around Santa Cruz...

Enternet Skateboarding Photographs

Click on any outlined picture to download a larger, higher quality version in jpeg format!

This picture shows local santa cruz skater named Sky performing a nice kickflip down a flight of four stairs and over a trashcan. (I hear he's somewhere on the east coast now.) He rides away with both feet on the board, but does place one hand on the ground as he lands.
I like this pic, though, so I've put it up for you nice people. For a limited time only, a detailed jpeg (~105K).

Noah Rector, here at the cannery displays his feelings about frontside ollies over hips. The large, fine-grained JPEG version (60K) is pretty cool.

Go on to the photos at Derby,
or the Photos from SF, Napa and Long Beach

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Videos: Dan Dunham and Larry,and Birdhouse Projects videos.
Photographs by Josh Rabinowitz: Around Santa Cruz, At Derby Park, and in Napa and SF.
Tim Brauch Photographs by Chris Kardas,
and some Skates Spots in Northern California.
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