Israel Forbes

A short interview with Israel Forbes, by Josh Rabinowitz

Jan 27th 1995, at Santa Cruz High.

Israel Forbes is a righteous skater who we are proud to showcase in this issue of Influx.
I first heard of Israel in 1990, when rumors of his unexpected ability began to surface.
Influx: When did you start skateboarding?
Israel: About seven years ago.
Were you in Santa Cruz at that time?
Yeah, I've lived here my whole life. My neighbor had a skateboard, and I'd always go over there and ride it. Then my dad got me one for christmas, that's when it all started.
When did you become an amateur? When did you decide to compete and stuff?
Well, I got sponsored by Skateworks first, I can't really remember how long ago, but we started going to contests at Powell, just for shop teams, not like board sponsored contest. That's when I started. And Ron Whaley skated for them too, he got me on Sims, and they sponsored me after that.
So this was like five years ago?
Right on.. and then, all of a sudden you became pro?
I'd skated in amature contests, and was doing pretty good, and they were coming out with a new board series, and had a graphic for me. So the team manager called me up and he was all "we have a graphic for you, do you want to turn pro now?", (pauses, laughs) and I said "yeah".
(laughing) That's crazy.
Yeah, it's pretty cool, how it worked out.
So who are your sponsors these days?
Santa Cruz, Etnies shoes, Skateworks still, Speed Wheels.
Who would you say were your strongest skating influences?
I liked Ed Templeton a lot, Natas was a big influence, people like that. The Gonz.
Is there anything else you'd like to add, for the world out there?
Have fun.

Israel1: Israel, at the Cannery. This is a really nice, long movie that will immerse you in the video experience. Check this run:

  • Frontside Grind
  • 50-50 grind around the corner
  • Huge Ollie over the hip
  • 50-50 grind up the angled coping
  • Ollie to Axle Stall from ramp to ramp Quicktime, (1.8M) MPEG. (1.4M)
Israel2: Israel performs a kind bluntslide to fakie and a 360 ollie at the Cannery. Check the new high quality color movies with sound!
Quicktime, (380K) MPEG. (220K)
Israel4: Kickflip marathon. Blunt to fakie, then 4 kickflips to axle stall, the last to fakie. Did someone say consistency? Did someone say consistency?
Quicktime, (1.9M) MPEG. (1.7M)
Israel5: Quicktime, (2.2M) MPEG. (1.3M)
  Israel6: Mini ramp at the cannery. Big Ollie to Tail followed by an axle stall to fakie on the extension. Quicktime, (375K) MPEG. (230K)