Influx Product Review:

Consolidated Skateboard's Andy Roy Wood Model and Daredevil 52mm wheels.

The Consolidated Skateboard Company has been around several years, and in that time they have grown to offer something more from other companies: quality products a reduced cost to the skaters. Influx magazine was happy to review a couple of Consolidated products: the Andy Roy wood model along with a set of their 52mm Daredevil whells. The board's dimensions are 7.75" wide and 31.5" long, with a 14" wheelbase, 6.75" nose, and a 6" tail.
One thing different about this deck was that the wood laminates were all equal in height, instead of having thinner middle plys as most other decks do. The result is a board with a longer lasting pop and stiffness and a minimal amount of extra weight.
The wheels are big enough to cover the axle nuts, reducing axle slip, and wore well without flat-spotting. So if you see Consolidated Skateboard products at your local skateshop you won't have to question their quality when comparing prices.